Who Are EPP?

The programme is conducted by two highly experienced consultants and trainers, Tony Vidler and Mike Barnes.

Tony has over 24 years’ experience both managing and advising financial service viddler-lawfuelindustry growth, operating with a proven track record of success.
Tony uniquely combines both management expertise with marketing and personal sales skills.

He has presented to and spoken at seminars and conferences for many years on issues related to management, performance, best practices and more.

He has been heavily involved with developing best practice processes and compliance over his career achieving a string of successes and achievement, including being the Financial Alert Person of the Year for NZ Financial Services in 2011.vidler-2
Fellow presenter Mike Barnes has worked extensively with professional practices via a holistic approach which includes personality and organisational assessment, strategic planning and governance coaching through to platform presentation/facilitation coaching and building sales disciplines that match personality profiles.

His experience and expertise in these and other areas can assist law firms and others to maximise their potential and realise the gains they are currently overlooking in their practices.

Mike’s coaching experience with Legal firms is diverse and includes helping those in the estate planning and commercial service lines and is tempered with firms ranging from a team of just 5 to a team of 60, small boutique practices through to a crown prosecuting firm.