The Most Popular Methods for Casino Deposits among Kiwis

Casino Deposit

You need to transfer money into your casino account if you want to play for real money in an online casino. Gamblers have an easy ride funding their gaming accounts with plenty of payment options. As with any payment option, we need our payment methods to be free of charge and facilitate the easy, fast and secure transfer of money. We need to be able to withdraw cash with minimum processing time and hassle quickly. In the long run, these are essential things for gamblers who want to have fun gambling at an online casino, and therefore, a good casino must provide gamblers with an easy and hassle-free deposit and withdrawal experience.

Here are some of the payment methods for online casinos in New Zealand:

Debit Cards

The most popular way to make payments to your casino account is by using a debit or credit card. A vast majority of adults in New Zealand have these kinds of payment cards, and it offers an accessible and easy mode of payment. However, it is to be noted that in New Zealand, one can only use Debit Cards for online casino payments. Credit Cards were recently banned in New Zealand as a payment method for online casinos owing to their high-interest rates on gambling with borrowed funds. The most common cards used by the Kiwis are Visa, EFTPOS, and MasterCard. Almost all online casinos facilitate payments through Visa and MasterCards. You must register the card in the online casino by typing Card Number (found across the front of the card) and adding the expiry date and the CVV (the security number on the back). These details will be encrypted and safely stored by the casino operator. Since your data is encrypted, you don’t have to worry about compromising your financial information. By doing this, you won’t have to add your details again and again for further deposits, but for security reasons, you will be required to add a security code that gets sent to your phone connected to your bank.

Debit Cards


Most people, except the younger generation, are not aware of this method of payment. As such, the younger generation is more willing to try a new payment provider than traditional debit card providers. E-wallets or electronic wallets are third-party virtual accounts tied to your bank account or credit cards, and they enable you to make transactions from online casino accounts. With recent technological developments, many e-wallet solutions are available, and these payment getaways are easy and flexible and have almost always no transaction cost. Some examples of popular online payment getaways among Kiwis are PayPal, POLi, and AfterPay. One significant advantage of using e-wallets like these is that you can easily do instant deposits and withdrawals.

Bitcoin Casino & Cryptocurrency Casino Payments

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency are the newest kinds of currencies; as such, the majority of people don’t even understand them. These are very modern ways of making an online casino deposit, and it is recommended that the customers only experiment with it if they have sufficient knowledge. If the customers or gamblers know what they are doing with bitcoin and Crypto, then they are also viable options for gambling payments. Nowadays, many casino operators accept bitcoin payments, and such casinos may also offer special bonuses for customers who fund their casino accounts using Cryptocurrency. This newest form of currency is decentralized, meaning a third party does not monitor them. Gamblers like Crypto because of the anonymity that comes with it, and the fact that they can also get around tax issues when it comes to Crypto might be attractive.

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